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Carol Stelter – Implant Supported Geneva 2000

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I have been a client of Minuk Denture Clinic for 15-20 years. From the beginning, I was told that I would eventually require implants, as my lower ridge would not secure a denture. I was hesitant until it became evident that there were no other options for me. Prior to seeing the implant specialist, I was diagnosed with cancer. I explained to the denturist that I did not want to proceed if my health was not favorable. After receiving some good news in regards to my health, I decided to go ahead with implants.

Due to a bad experience when I was younger, I have always been very scared of dentists. However, after seeing the doctor who would be placing the implants, I felt completely at ease. The implant surgery was explained to me in a manner that was understandable. Half as a joke, I asked my denturist if he would come hold my hand during the procedure. Much to my amazement, on the day of the surgery, he met me at the office to do just that! It was a Monday morning, and he came and literally held my hand. Between the specialist and my denturist, I couldn’t have asked for two better people to rely on for that treatment.

Throughout my time at Minuk Denture Clinic, I have had nothing but positive things to say. From the helpfulness of the doorman who greets you right at the front door (and can help you if you need), to the cozy fireplace in the waiting room, it is easy to feel right at home. The denturists have always been kind and honest, which has increased my comfort. Speaking with the girls at the front desk is always a pleasure as they are very friendly. You can tell that they enjoy their work – they’re always smiling and eager to help. These great experiences have relieved my past fears and I am at ease whenever I visit!

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I have been a spokesperson in Minuk Denture Clinic commercial advertising and everything that I have expressed is completely true. My experience at Minuk Denture Clinic has been nothing but positive and memorable. The staff have become not only my denture office, but also friends. Thank you.


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