Minuk Denture Clinic offers complete denture services and as certified Denturists in Winnipeg, MB, we are licensed to fabricate, adjust, repair and perform dental plate fittings on partial, full or implant supported dentures. We can also perform oral cancer screening to ensure good health. If immediate dentures are needed for missing teeth we can also help. A family run business, with 5 certified denturists on staff, and a support staff of full and part-time employees, Minuk Denture is the largest denture clinic in the region. See below for our full list of denture and dental implant services:

  • Denture and Dental Implant Repairs

    We at Minuk Denture Clinic handle repairs as emergencies!

    Denture Repairs

  • Reline/Rebase

    Do you have a denture or dentures that just won’t stay put and are causing a lot of discomfort? Are you constantly adding denture adhesive (polygrip) to keep them in place? Over time your gums shrink causing dentures to be loose and uncomfortable. With a quick examination your Denturist can help determine whether they just need to be relined or rebased, then take the appropriate course of action.


  • Free Consultations

    Our highly trained staff are happy to sit down with you and discuss your oral health goals. We can help you decide the best products which will help you achieve the best, most comfortable smile that’s suited to your budget. We’ll take everything into account from your lifestyle and oral history to your eating habits!

    Free Consultation

  • Home or Institutional Visits

    We’re committed to our clients in every way. If you or a family member can’t get to one of our offices, we’ll come to you. We’re accustomed to visiting nursing homes, hospitals, care facilities and people’s homes.

    Home Visits

  • Denture Cleaning

    Do you want a whiter and brighter smile? Do you want cleaner dentures and prosthetics? Minuk Denture Clinic offers leading technology with our new MICROCLEAN cleaning service.

    Denture Cleaning

  • Oral Check-ups

    Having a regular oral check-up done by a denturist is the best way to ensure that your dentures are still fitting properly. Over time, your mouth undergoes certain changes. The bone and tissue that the dentures sit upon can shrink or deteriorate, resulting in your dentures not fitting as well as they once did. Poor fitting dentures can also cause hearing loss, dizziness and headaches!

    Oral Checkups

  • Soft Denture Liners

    What is a soft liner and why did your denturist place it in your new denture?

    Soft Denture Liners

  • Teeth Whitening

    We provide an advanced tooth whitening chemistry far superior to over-the-counter tooth whitening products. It is more effective, better tasting, and can be used during the day or evening for maximum convenience.

    Teeth Whitening

  • Sports Mouth-guard

    Protect your smile. Wear a mouthguard. If you don’t… YOU might be wearing dentures.

    Sports Mouth-guard