Our Process

  • First Consultation

    Come and meet us! Your first consultation is the information session. Essentially, this is an opportunity to get to know you, and let you know what our clinic has to offer. When you come in, you will be introduced to your denturist who will sit down with you. Your denturist may do a brief examination of your mouth, and then will then go over a variety of options that are available to you based on your specific needs. At this point you can ask any questions you may have. This is also a good time to bring in a photo of the smile you wish to have – this could be a photo of you with your natural teeth, a photo of your children’s smile, or even just a person or celebrity whose smile you’d like to emulate.

    At this appointment, a treatment plan will be determined, and if you have any insurance, we will send away a preauthorization on your behalf. If you’d like, treatment can be started immediately! Remember, consultations are always free of charge and there is no obligation.

  • Second Consultation

    (those who have insurance, or have been clients in the past)

    This appointment is a follow-up to your first consultation or previous treatment (if you have been here before). If you have insurance coverage, at this appointment we will go over your preauthorization response with you and solidify our treatment plan. If you are a returning client, this is the appointment where we will sit down and come up with a treatment plan. We will also ensure any necessary dental work on natural teeth has been completed. If you do not have a dentist, we will refer you to one.

    If you are ready to start, we can begin taking impressions.

  • Impressions

    Everyone’s favorite appointment! This is the appointment where we will take an impression of your mouth as a baseline for the work that will be done. Our denturists take your impression themselves – this is so that we have the best, most accurate impression possible.

  • Final Impressions

    Final impressions typically occur in cases where the client has a difficult mouth to fit with dentures. We use the first impression to make a custom tray, specific to your mouth. The impression taken with this custom tray is then far more accurate and detailed to help us ensure a perfect fit.

  • Bite Registration

    In this appointment the denturist will insert a wax form in the shape of a denture, so that they can accurately record your bite and jaw opening. This makes sure that you when you close your mouth, it will be in the most natural position. It is also used to measure the length, size and shape of teeth needed for your denture.

  • Try in

    In the course of making your denture it is not uncommon to need between 1 and 2+ try in appointments. At the time of your try in, your teeth will be set in wax. This allows you to try them on and see how they look! It also allows the denturist to double check your bite and make sure the teeth are set properly, and the shade matches that of any natural teeth (if making a partial denture). At this time you are able to request changes, and we will do what we can to give you that perfect smile. Keep in mind that changes will mean additional appointments – which are our pleasure, but will impact how soon you get your dentures!

    It is always advisable to bring along someone close to you who will give you an honest opinion of your smile. This can be a partner, child, grandchild or close friend – but make sure they’ll tell you the truth! A second opinion can be a big help when assessing how you feel about your smile.

  • Finish

    This is when you get your teeth! Your denturist will insert the denture, you will be given any necessary care instrustions, and we will bill out and send away to insurance (if applicable). Generally speaking this is the appointment when all payment arrangements must be finalized, and when you will be required to sign any necessary documents (insurance forms, etc). Between this appointment and the next, it is not uncommon to need a few small adjustments to your denture to get it fitting just right.

  • 3 Week Post Insertion Check-up

    As its name implies, this appointment is booked approximately 3 weeks following your finish appointment. This appointment allows us to double check that your bite and fit of the denture are good.