New Avadent Digital Denture

“If Steve Jobs had created a denture, it just might have been an AvaDent Denture.”
Avadent Digital Denture
Minuk Denture Clinic is proud to introduce AvaDent Digital Dentures! AvaDent is the first of its kind; the first computer generated denture system in the world. AvaDent is the winner for the top Dental Product of 2012 and Pride Institute’s Best of Class Technology Award. This process combines technology and anatomy to perfect the way your dentures fit while also maintaining a natural appearance. Minuk is dedicated to educating clients on what makes the AvaDent denture so unique and why that’s so important for each unique individual.

AvaDent’s unequaled step by step process

AvaDent is a computer generated denture that uses highly advanced 3D scans of the client’s mouth to create the most precise fit possible. The Denturist will begin by taking anatomical measurements and a physical impression of the mouth; next these impressions and measurements are scanned and recorded in the computer’s data system. Once that’s complete the base for a perfect fitting denture is created. Not only does this carve out an exact fit for the mouth, the data that is stored will help to eliminate steps that would be necessary when manufacturing conventional dentures. When making dentures in a laboratory the process can take up to 6-7 appointments. Clients receive their AvaDent denture in just 2 quick visits at our office, making it an efficient process as well as an easy one. There are always opportunities to try the teeth in before picking them up, to make sure the fit and appearance are satisfactory.


Aside from the benefits mentioned above, there are even more reasons why AvaDent Digital Dentures are the perfect denture for you! AvaDent is made from dense bio-hygienic material that helps to eliminate fractures, stains, burning mouth, bacteria build up and require fewer adjustments. Sometimes it’s necessary for clients to have their names inscribed on their denture; this can be done as well at the creation stage. Unfortunately, some people are prone to losing their dentures, that doesn’t have to be such an inconvenience thanks to our permanent digital record! For a minimum payment it is quick and easy to replace your lost set. This also goes for people who would like the security of having a spare set made. Once the design is perfected it is precision milled, because of that AvaDent dentures will give you such an accurate fit the troubles associated with sore spots and bone loss are vastly decreased.


Minuk Denture Clinic offers free consultations. This gives potential clients the opportunity to undergo a more thorough examination tailored to their specific needs. Advantages include the ability to discuss the AvaDent process further as well as receive an estimate on prices and options. AvaDent Dentures are also a great option for people who are not candidates for Dental Implants whether it’s anatomically or financially, a consultation will help determine the best option for you. This consultation can help to answer any questions with no obligation involved. You may also feel free to click on the links and browse the following pages, FAQ’s and/or Consultations.

Modern Dental Technology

AvaDent Digital Dentures are the newest leading step into modern removable dentistry. Technology is leaping forward with convenience in mind every day… Minuk does the same, by incorporating fresh ideas and innovative advances it is ensured each client walks away with the smile they deserve!

Minuk is proud to introduce the NEW AvaDent Digital Denture!