Ultra Suction Dentures

What is Ultra Suction™?

Ultrasuction2Ultra Suction™ is a new innovative technology for securing dentures. The Ultra Suction™ system is comprised of two valves embedded into the dentures. As you bite down the small valves allow air to escape between the tissue and the denture leaving a suction that holds the denture in place. The valves are placed flush to the acrylic surface and are virtually undetectable. You’ll no longer worry about or feel any side-to-side and front-to-back denture movement.

How Ultra Suction™ Works

Ultrasuction3Ultra Suction™ works on the principle of suction. Denture wearers simply put the dentures in their mouth and bite down. The air trapped between the tissue and the denture is expelled through the Ultra Suction™ one way valve device and the denture is secured, creating a peripheral seal. The result is a better fit to the tissues for improved resistance to dislodging forces. Ultra Suction™ is a pain-free way for denture wearers to enjoy eating the things they like, when they like, no surgery required!

Why Choose Ultra Suction™ Denture System?

  • Superior fit and comfort
  • Improved phonetics
  • Taste and enjoy food again
  • Restored confidence in everyday living
  • Easily refit existing dentures

Is it right for you?

In general terms, if you wear full dentures, Ultra Suction™ should considerably improve the stability of your dentures, resulting in a firm and secure fit. Contact us today to find out if Ultra Suction™ is right for you!


Rhoda Kagan – Ultra Suction Dentures

I, Rhoda Kagan have had a lot of problems with my complete lower denture…ever since 1974!

I was an experiment, doctors believed that an infection from my teeth was causing my vision to fail. All of my upper and lower teeth were removed, a complete upper and lower denture was placed. I did not ever recover my vision.

Since the lower dentures were placed I have had to adjust to two handicaps, one being my vision and the other being all …Read More

– Rhoda Kagan – Ultra Suction Dentures

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