All on 4 Dental Implants

Can you have your teeth done in a day? Imagine showing up at 8:00 am and then eating a late dinner with your new teeth. All on 4 technology lets you have permanent dental implants in less time than ever. Permanent teeth in a day enables you to have the smile you’ve always wanted without multiple visits.

The All on 4 permanent teeth in a day dental implant procedure is a denturists dream. A denturist’s education, training and skills consist of fitting and fabricating dentures. These same skills are necessary to provide the All on 4 procedure.

The All on 4 treatment is best for patients with significant tooth loss or decay and those who are unable to receive dental implants due to bone loss in the jaw. All of 4 teeth consists of establishing a customized bridge based on four titanium implants that act as pillars to the bridge that support the prosthetic teeth, hence the name All on 4!

Watch below for more information about dental implants and the All on 4 technique

How You Can Have Permanent Teeth in a Day

Don Percy and Oral Surgeon Dr. David Rusen discuss Minuk Denture Clinic and how you can have permanent teeth in a day.

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