Geneva 2000 Testimonials

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Carol Stelter

Malcolm G

Although just recently having been fitted with my Geneva 2000 dentures through your clinic, I am extremely pleased and impressed with the improvement in my facial features and my ability to eat normally without discomfort.

I had previously, over the past 20 years, been fitted in Australia, Eastern Canada and here in Winnipeg with complete dentures without much success, unable to masticate normally and being very self-conscious when in company, now I feel much more relaxed, able to smile, laugh and forget that I am wearing dentures.

Your approach at Minuk was and is extremely friendly and completely professional, I certainly appreciate what you have done for me

Yours Truly,
Malcolm G.
January 8, 2002

Mavoureen C.

In 1979 I had to renew my dentures, as the front tooth fell off when I was trying to eat corn on the cob. I laugh about it now, but at the time I was really upset, as this was the second set of dentures that I had had. I went to a denturist to see if he could fix them, but he said they were old and it would probably fall out again after the first few times I tried biting down on them.

He started telling me about Swissident teeth, as they were called then. He said they were made in Switzerland and were porcelain. I told him how the other two sets of dentures looked false and how I could not eat certain foods with them, and that the bottom would move when I was eating and food would get under the bottom plate. Sometimes, I could not maneuver them back into place because of the food. I would have to excuse myself and rinse them in the washroom and then replace them. This would happen several times through a dinner, it was very embarrassing. Along with that, there were certain foods I could not eat and to me, no matter how much I paid for meat, it was always difficult to chew.

He said he could eliminate all my problems with the Swissident teeth. To my surprise and delight, he did. The teeth were a perfect fit. They did not look false, and I was complimented often on my smile. In addition, because of the way the back teeth were made – flat on the top and sharp like a knife on the bottom – for the first time in years, I could eat anything I wanted, including corn on the cob. I was, to say the least, ecstatic. They were really everything you could want in a denture. I had no trouble chewing or food getting under my teeth. They fit like a glove. I have kept those dentures for twenty-one years, because they were so wonderful.

Now I have to change them again, only because they have worn down and my gums have shrunk. Over the past years, I have made calls to several denturists to see if they have heard of Swissident teeth. I was told, they have never heard of them. We moved to Winnipeg and I called the Minuk Denture Clinic. They said they had heard of them and they could get them for me if that as what I wanted. However, they were now called Geneva 2000.

So I made an appointment to see if these teeth were the same as what I had. And to my delight, they were. I was so thrilled, as I have waited so long to change my dentures. The teeth are beautiful and the back teeth are made flat on top and like a knife on the bottom. I am so glad that I called the Minuk Denture Clinic. I look good. I feel good. And I am thrilled to be able to smile again and not feel self-conscious. Also I can eat anything I want. My sincerest thanks to everyone at the Minuk Denture Clinic, for their time, patience and friendly attitude. I would recommend you highly to anyone, and I would also recommend Geneva 2000. You don’t know the best until you have it. Take my word for it you will never go back to regular dentures.

Thanks, again, to everyone.
Mavoureen C.
February 3, 2002

Lois S.

Just a few words of appreciation for the services provided by Minuk Denture Clinic.

Over the past 30 years I have had several sets of dentures with various problems. At Minuk Denture Clinic procedures and alternatives of the Geneva 2000 Denture system were carefully explained, and when a decision was reached the dentures provided are by far the most comfortable and attractive that I have ever had.

The staff are always friendly, professional and courteous, and a special effort was made to have my dentures ready for my vacation – one of the highlights of which was my very “happy mouth”.

I am very thankful that I followed Hedi Lewis’ advice and called Minuk Denture Clinic

Lois S.
February 4, 2002

Bunny B.

After living with dentures for some twelve years and 5 sets later, always suffering soreness from lower dentures slipping and wobbling, I decided to investigate implants. I had several x-rays taken and to my disappointment, was told my jawbone was such that it wouldn’t guarantee implant support. This is when I came to Minuk’s Denture Clinic and met with Joe Minuk where I learned about the “Geneva 2000” dentures. I was very impressed with Joe’s presentation and right then decided that I must have them.

The replacement of my old dentures to “Geneva 2000” far exceeded my expectations. The frustration and embarrassment of loose fitting and slipping dentures has been erased, the security of normal chewing functions restored. I can now eat foods like apples, nuts, corn on the cob, celery and carrot sticks and chew on rib bones as easily as I did with my own natural teeth.

In fact, my “Geneva 2000” dentures are so natural in appearance that I feel better about my looks. I believe that they have improved my facial structure and they feel so comfortable in place. I have renewed confidence to open up my mouth when speaking and show my true smile without worry of dropping dentures. It gives me a good feeling to have friends say, “You have beautiful teeth” and I have.

I cannot truly express in words how happy I am to have visited Minuk Denture Clinic to receive these new “Geneva 2000” dentures. Thanks to you Joseph Minuk along with Greg Pinette, Greg Starzyk, Manny Minuk, Tricia Thobaben and Darryl Audette. Enough cannot be said about the care and professionalism shown by all while attending to me.

I would not hesitate at any time to recommend both Minuk Denture Clinic and the “Geneva 2000” dental process to anyone in need of their expense.

Thank you all so much
Bunny B.

Beata M.

I’ve had my dentures for over 25 years and I’ve become very accustomed to them.  I’ve never had my dentures changed because I was extremely comfortable with them and I was afraid I’d receive dentures that would not suit me.

A friend of mine from work recently had her dentures replaced. I was very impressed with the construction and appearance of her dentures; I couldn’t stop complimenting her. Surprisingly, a few days later I decided to go down to Minuk Denture Clinic, that is where she had hers made. I booked an appointment, had my teeth molded and within a few weeks I was presented my new dentures. When I first tried the “Geneva 2000” on I was immediately pleased with what I saw.

Not only did my “Geneva 2000” look so natural, they felt so normal. It’s amazing but my “Geneva 2000” dentures looked just like my actual teeth! With my new dentures, I feel better about my appearance and I feel more confident about myself. Everyday tasks are now so simple, and I don’t have to think twice about little things like biting into an apple or laughing.

Now my friends from work can’t stop complimenting me on how great I look with my new “Geneva 2000”. I would have never thought dentures could make such a positive impact on my life. My dentures made me feel great, and so did the wonderful staff at Minuk Denture Clinic, who were extremely friendly. I’d like to thank the staff for making me feel as comfortable and welcomed as possible. I’ve never seen a staff so caring, I’d like to give special thanks to Mr. Minuk for the “Geneva 2000’s” and for my renewed self-confidence. Thank you all so much


Beata M.
February 9, 2002

Yariko K.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Minuk Denture Clinic for introducing me to the “Geneva 2000” denture system.

In the past few years I have had two sets of conventional dentures that didn’t look or feel right. On referral, I turned to the Minuk Denture Clinic for help.

My new dentures look and feel great. My friends and family immediately noticed a change in my smile and thanks to the Minuk Denture Clinic I feel I can smile fully without being self-conscious of my teeth.

Thanks again to all the staff at the Minuk Denture Clinic for helping me find my true smile.

Yariko K.
February 25, 2002

Judy R.

So, am I experienced using dentures? Utterly! My experience since 1988 has been a nightmare having had dentures made by two dentists, a prosthodontist, a denturist, almost another denturist but I ran away when the teeth set in wax made me look like a horse!! Then finally Joe… Thank God, who made my Geneva’s. By the way that was a total of 9 sets of dentures, one was a blue set once! Most of them just kept adding more gum and more teeth while my upper lip got flatter and longer. As I complained they just kept telling me I was getting older! And I am – hurray! The other alternative for that as I understand it is the undertaker. With a good mouth, we can look great at 180 years; I believe that in my heart. I lost my teeth because of a decade of poor diet; fortunately, have managed to save my lower teeth through slowly improving my diet. My first dentures were made by a dentist (as well as my second). They gave me small teeth, blue teeth, buckteeth, the gammet. How are my Geneva’s that Joe Minuk did? Colours –perfect. They are a mixture like my lower teeth. They look natural. My teeth show again when I talk. Before you couldn’t see them properly when I spoke. Anyway all in all I feel I look my best again and I don’t look in the mirror anymore and have angry feelings for the lack of interest or knowledge the Doctors or Denturists had concerning my teeth and mouth. They had no comprehension of what I was trying to communicate to them concerning how wrong my teeth and mouth were. My daughter said it all at Christmas when she saw me in my new Geneva’s (nice name). She said, “Mom, now I know why you were so upset before. I really see a difference, now that you have these. I guess I got used to your other ones”. In fact comments similar are made by most who knew I was so displeased with the other dentures. I am glad I pressed on and didn’t give up. Thanks loads!!!!
Judy R.
January 8 2002

All on Four Dental Implant Testimonials

Yvonne Stier - All on Four Dental Implants

It’s just amazing. Absolutely amazing procedure. Thank you to Dr. Wener, Dr. Bongard and Morgan Ganetsky at Minuk Denture Clinic. It’s hard to believe that you can actually walk in, you know, with no teeth and walk out that very same day, not too long of time, and you’ve got teeth in your mouth, you can eat! Oh it’s super, it’s just super.

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Warren Atchison - All on Four Dental Implants

It is just over a year now that I have had my implants done by Chrysalis Dental Centres and Minuk Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre.

Previous to that I had spent five years trying to keep upper dentures in but with no luck. It all started when I broke a front tooth off and was talked into getting a bridge put in. That is when all my troubles began but I won’t go into that.

In those five years, I had been to see in total three Dentists and one Denturist without success. Eventually I lost all my upper teeth and then ended up with an upper plate that proved to be useless in my case, as I had no upper bone structure and the dentures would not stay in. When it came to implants I had been told I did not have sufficient bone and would need bone grafting and a sinus lift. I basically became a stay at home person. I tried every type of powder and paste to hold them in but like I said, no luck.

One Sunday morning when I was listening to the radio, a commercial came on regarding a consultation at Minuk Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre and it caught both my attention and my wife’s. We looked at each other and said, “Why not? We have given everyone else a try and so far I have had no luck.” That brings me to where I am today.

An appointment was made and I saw Manny Minuk. He relined the dentures that I had and at the same time mentioned to me the possibility of a new procedure called “All on 4 – Teeth in a Day”. He said I would be a possible candidate. Plus, with this procedure I would not need either the bone graft or the sinus lift. Well, needless to say, I passed the waiting period and now am the proud owner of permanent teeth. I am able to eat almost anything and once again have my life back. I am no longer that stay at home person. I would not hesitate to do it again or recommend this procedure to anyone else.

Thanks to Joe Minuk, Manny Minuk, Dr. Wener, Dr. Bongard and staff, and the fine staff at Minuk Clinic and Dental Implant Centre.

Vienna Nowell Steciuk - All on Four Dental Implants

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Greg Pinette, Joseph Minuk, Dr. Wener of Minuk Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre and Dr. Bongard of Chrysalis Dental Centres for introducing me to dental implants.

When they first told me about dental implants, specifically the “All on 4 – Teeth in a Day” procedure, I didn’t believe that in one day I would walk out with new teeth. I must confess I was very nervous, but was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable. My appointment was for 8:00 in the morning and I was ready to be picked up at 1:00 pm the same day. The first evening I have to say I was a bit uncomfortable, but nothing that some Tylenol couldn’t look after. After about two weeks (could have been less) I was able to eat normally.

There are also other aspects that I enjoy with regard to dental implants – no more dentures coming loose. There are also no sore spots from dentures rubbing. Another very important aspect is if you happen to have to be in the hospital, you don’t have to remove dentures for surgery, etc.

I was recently invited to go sailing. Now having never been sailing, when the weather got quite rough – you guessed it, I got very ill to the stomach. Now, had I been wearing dentures they probably would have landed in the lake. Another very significant benefit.

I visit the Nursing Home quite regularly, and hear about loose and even lost dentures - I am very happy with my decision.

Again, a big thank you to the teams of Minuk Clinic and Dental Implant Centre and the Chrysalis Centres.

Valerie Baker - All on Four Dental Implants

I wish to express my profound thanks to the wonderful team at Minuk Denture Clinic, especially Andrew Koster, Dr. Wener and Dr. Bongard. They looked after my well-being before, during, and after my dental implant surgery. Kudos to you all.

The morning of my surgery I have to admit I was feeling nervous, however, after a short time I was able to overcome that with the help from such a caring team of doctors and nurses. And then, only a few hours later, I was leaving the clinic with my new implants.

What a great feeling it is to be able to gain one’s self confidence back and to regain my winning smile! I have often been called smiley and thanks to this procedure I can live up to that once again.

Of course, eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and I like to do my share. What a great feeling to be able to bite into apples, etc, and not worry about one’s teeth.

I would urge any one who is sitting on the fence and pondering about dental implants to go ahead and gain yourself a million dollar smile.

Sid Weinstein before Sid Weinstein after

Sid Weinstein - All on Four Dental Implants

Well it gives me a little more confidence because I feel I look much better, plus I can eat basically everything. I was given a prescription for medication for pain after the procedure – I didn’t even get the prescription filled; there was absolutely no pain. I would recommend anyone have this procedure done at Minuk Denture Clinic.

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Sheila Penner before Sheila Penner after

Sheila Penner - All on Four Dental Implants

My name is Sheila and before my dental implants I was wearing dentures for approximately three years. I am now 48 years old. Those were the worst years of my life. Dentures did not work well for me. They did not fit comfortably, and I had to use a lot of denture adhesive to help keep them in place, which was several times a day.

Dentures made my professional and social life miserable. I was very self conscious whenever I was talking or worse yet, eating. There were many very embarrassing moments when I would be talking very clearly one minute, then fumbling over words the next. Eating was a disaster on many occasions. The adhesive, especially with the bottom dentures, would come loose and made chewing very painful; along with the thought "what if they get stuck in the food I'm eating and come out". My worst nightmare.

During the three years of wearing dentures, the bone mass in my mouth started wearing away to the point where I had to make a very important decision. If I did not decide something very soon, I would loose yet more bone mass, which would have made me an unlikely candidate for dental implants.

“All on 4 – Teeth in a Day” was the answer to my prayers. The procedure was done all in one day and I was able to go out for supper that same evening. They were amazing, just like real teeth. Implants have changed the quality of my life in so many ways. No more self consciousness, no more worries. It's like "off with the old, on with the new".

Chrysalis Dental Centres and Minuk Clinic and Dental Implant Centre made this possible for me. I was resigned to having to wear dentures with lots of adhesive for the rest of my life.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for my new smile. You gave me a permanent solution to what I thought was going to be a life long problem.

Thank you Dr. Bongard, Dr. Wener, Joe, Manny and staff for your wonderful care and treatment. You have changed my life.

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Nicole Breton - All on Four Dental Implants

First of all, I would like to thank Manny, Joe, and Dr. Wener of Minuk Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre, and Dr. Bongard of Chrysalis Dental Centres for the excellent care I have received and still receive at the Minuk Clinic. The staff always greets you with smiles and positive attitudes. Everyone is so very friendly and pleasant, truly making each person walking in feel comfortable and welcome.

I had been a denture wearer for many years and knew about dental implants. I was very apprehensive to get it done because of the perceived pain involved and the cost of doing such a procedure. Manny took the time to explain every procedure that would be done during the “All on 4 – Teeth in a Day” procedures. My apprehension somewhat disappeared and I had it done.

As I was told, there was very little pain involved, and yes, I did start eating regular food right away. Yes, food does taste better. Thanks to the implants, I can now eat what I want, don’t have to worry about my denture slipping when talking or while doing any activities, and best of all, I have a great smile.

Now two months later, I cannot imagine what my mouth would be like without the implants. I recommend it to everyone.

I highly recommend Chrysalis Dental Centres and Minuk Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre.

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Martha Harder - All on Four Dental Implants

I would like to thank Morgan and Dr. Wener of Minuk Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre, and Dr. Bongard of Chrysalis Dental Centres. I have worn a partial upper denture since I was 14 years old, my palate was always covered with metal. A year ago I had all my upper teeth extracted and a complete upper denture inserted at the time of extraction. The denture never really fit properly; it was loose and continually fell out of my mouth. I decided to go with the “All on 4 – Teeth in a Day” procedure and have never been happier. I can taste food again, my palate is not covered – feels like natural teeth. I almost get the urge at various times to take them out and then I remember that they are permanent! I have never been more pleased; no more loose dentures, relines or messy glue to put on. My husband and family say that they look great. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone, it is like having your own natural teeth!

Thanks to Chrysalis Dental Centres and Minuk Clinic and Dental Implant Centre.

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Jackie Wasylyk before Jackie Wasylyk after

Jackie Wasylyk - All on Four Dental Implants

The “All on 4 – Teeth in a Day” procedure was the best decision I have ever made regarding my teeth.

I have to admit the thought of going to the dentist sends me into sheer panic. Through no fault of the dentist, my gums and teeth were in terrible shape. When I went in for a cleaning, it was a complete nightmare. My dentist gave me a referral to see Dr. Rusen, who after my exam was honest enough to tell me I really only had 3 to 4 teeth that were not too bad. I guess I could have gone a different route with partials, etc. (my remaining teeth probably would not have lasted long) but the last thing I wanted was my teeth in a glass on the nightstand by my bedside. Dr. Rusen told me about this procedure called “All on 4 – Teeth in a Day” and set up an appointment with Minuk Denture Clinic.

To start with the front end staff is incredible...they put you at ease when you walk in the door. Joe Minuk was extremely informative about the procedure and answered every question I had. The day of the surgery arrived and once again I was treated with patience and kindness. Dr. Bongard, Dr. Rusen, and Manny Minuk did a wonderful job. After the treatment there was some discomfort for a while, but nothing like the pain I was going through before.

It's been about 6 months, and I've never felt better! No more tooth aches, I can eat whatever I want pain free (not necessarily great for the waist line), and best of all a great smile! Thank you so much Dr. Rusen, Dr. Bongard and Joe. Many thanks to Manny for his patience and care. I highly recommend it!!!

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Jackie Martin before Jackie Martin after

Jackie Martin - All on Four Dental Implants

By the time I came to Minuk Denture Clinic, my natural teeth had been failing for so long I had simply gotten used to avoiding certain foods and situations in my everyday life. Smiling was never an easy thing.

Even though I knew my teeth were bad, I avoided any dentist because of negative childhood experiences. With my fiancée’s love and the sensitive staff at Minuk’s, I chose a full set of implants. Although the procedure itself was extremely invasive and costly, I have found it to be a very rewarding outcome and well worth the expense.

I smiled with great confidence at my wedding and can eat any food I want now without worry of pain or breaking a tooth. I feel healthy and confident, and I gladly go to the office to see Manny for a simple visit. Implants were a good choice for my long term needs and to maintain my good health for years to come.

Thank you to Manny Minuk, Dr. Wener and Dr Bongard of Chrysalis Dental Centres, and the staff at Minuk Denture Clinic for all their help!

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Claire Isabey - All on Four Dental Implants

My name is Claire. I recently had the “All on 4 – Teeth in a Day” procedure done, and it’s been the best God-giving thing that’s ever happened to me.

Before I had the “All on 4” treatment done, I wore an upper denture. I had trouble eating, sores, it never seemed like the denture could be tight enough. Not only that, but because of the denture I lost a lot of my sense of taste.

A friend of mine saw Andy at Minuk Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre, and recommended I go see him too. He told me about the “All on 4” treatment, which they were just beginning to do with Dr. Bongard of Chrysalis Dental Centres. I decided to go for it. I had my upper teeth done in March, and I’d highly recommend the treatment to anyone. I was back at work the next day, and had no problems. The clinic and staff made me feel comfortable, and made everything easy. Now my taste is back, and I couldn’t be happier!

Thanks to Andrew Koster, Dr. Wener, Dr. Bongard and the Minuk and Chrysalis teams.

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Benoit Trudeau - All on Four Dental Implants

My name is Ben. I’m writing in regards to the work done by Gregory Pinette, and Dr. Wener of Minuk Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre, and Dr. Bongard of Chrysalis Dental Centres.

I had dentures for 2 years and it was the worst experience of my life. I had trouble eating with family and at restaurants. It didn’t take long before I was looking into implants, but time was always a concern. I was looking everywhere for something that would work for me, even looking at options overseas. I had been interested in implants when I first started at Minuk Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre, and so when this new procedure became available, Greg let me know about it. It was just what I was looking for. In a way I’m glad I waited – when he told me about the “All on 4 – Teeth in a Day” I knew it was the right one for me.

As far as how my life has changed since having the “All on 4” done, how do you put that in words? It’s been a night and day difference. I wouldn’t go back, and I wouldn’t ever recommend regular dentures to anyone. I would say, go straight for the “All on 4.” It’s worth it.

Thank you to Greg Pinette, Chrysalis Dental Centres and Minuk Clinic and Dental Implant Centre.

Alex Cupples before Alex Cupples after

Alex Cupples - All on Four Dental Implants

My name is Alex. I am 63 years old, and on the 21st of March 2010, I gave myself a birthday present. I committed to having the “All on 4 – Teeth in a Day” procedure carried out on my upper jaw at the Minuk Denture Clinic and Dental Implant Centre in Winnipeg.

I had worn a full upper denture since 1975 with replacements from time to time with no appreciable problems. From 2001 to the date I committed to the “All on 4” procedure, I had 3 new upper dentures made, and every one resulted in a fitting problem. There were several reasons for these issues, but the shrinking of my upper jawbone was the primary concern.

In 2007, I looked into other implant procedures. All required me to have an upper jawbone graft since mine had shrunk, making the jaw very marginal to accept the implant anchors. This would require about 6 months for the bone graft to bind, and if that proved successful, the implant anchors could be inserted, with a further 6 months or so for these to set in place in the jawbone before the actual denture could be applied. This was a very time consuming choice and would be more expensive overall since the bone graft would be additional cost.

This entire process would have taken in excess of a year before the matching denture could be inserted, plus there were no guarantees since the bone graft was NOT assured. Because of this I declined implants at that time.

In mid 2009, I went to Minuk Clinic in Winnipeg, MB to allow them an opportunity to evaluate my problem. Minuk Clinic is well respected in Winnipeg for their high level of professionalism and attention to the minutest of detail. They suggested a new approach, the “All on 4 – Teeth in a Day” dental implant procedure pioneered in Canada by Dr. Steven Bongard of the Chrysalis Dental Centre in Toronto. Minuk Clinic’s staff took the time to explain this new “All on 4” process would be done by Dr. Bongard and Dr. Jim Wener, with the best part being that all work would be carried out in one day.

After much review on my part, and talking with Dr. Bongard at length, as well as speaking with other patients who already had their implants for some time, I underwent the “All on 4” procedure. In the space of about 5 hours I had the 4 implant anchors in place, the teeth were completed and screwed into place, AND I had lunch; a bowl of Joe Minuk’s world famous home-made Matzah ball soup. Yes, I was eating with my new, just fitted “All on 4” implant teeth. The picture you see here of my new smile was taken immediately after my implants were placed.

That same evening, I went out for dinner and had chicken fettuccine alfredo with my just fitted “All on 4” implant teeth.

For the next few days I had to take it easy with what I ate, usually something that was easily chewed without putting too much pressure on the new denture. Over time I found I was eating and chewing “normally.”

As I write this, it has been 6 months since the procedure, and I can quite freely state that I am completely satisfied with my just fitted “All on 4” smile. This has changed my dental health as well as my personal confidence immeasurably, and given me a terrific new permanent smile.

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Raymond G. - All on Four Dental Implants

It has been a year this may 2002 that i have my two dental implants installed in my lower jaw in order to hold my lower denture.

Since then and until now I have enjoyed eating those foods I could not before, such as corn on the cob, biting into an apple and many other foods. In addition, it has not been necessary for me to apply dental adhesive to both my lower denture and upper partial before each meal and sometime during a meal. I could not go to a restaurant without applying that glue.

The quality of my life changed drastically and I am grateful to you for your help and advice during the healing period. I have been impressed by your professionalism and skill.

I will certainly recommend your services to my relatives, friends and associates. Again, thank you for your help and wish you continued success with your denture clinic.

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