Manny did me a huge favor and I can't thank him enough. All the girls that run the show in the background deserve a raise for everything they do to make our lives less difficult.

D. L

Chris Duncan was amazing to work with. He was able to identify the pros and cons of each option I had to fit my situation. His skill in constructing the partial denture I decided on was exemplary and the adjustment that was needed during the follow-up appointment was taken care of efficiently and professionally. Thank you!
G. Jacobson

Very polite and professional people. Make you feel welcome. Easy to make appointments when it convenient for you.
J. Williamson

This was my son's third denture plate. (The other two were from different places) It is by far the best one. He is extremely pleased with it. The colour and fit were perfect. Thank you Morgan and team.
C. DuQuette

Friendly staff that makes you feel welcome and that you matter. I have my smile and my confidence back thanks to Manny his team!
S. Molnar

I have had my new teeth for a little over a year and love them. I love to smile and they give me more confidence. I know it is something a lot of people would love to do.
D. Carroll

The staff and Mr Morgan Ganetsky are pretty awesome I would highly recommend Minuk Dental Clinic and Implant Centre to all my relatives and friends here in Winnipeg.
D. Bordon

Good service and product. Great staff, ease of parking and very comfortable surroundings.

Malcolm G

Although just recently having been fitted with my Geneva 2000 dentures through your clinic, I am extremely pleased and impressed with the improvement in my facial features and my ability to eat normally without discomfort.

I had previously, over the past 20 years, been fitted in Australia, Eastern Canada and here in Winnipeg with complete dentures without much success, unable to masticate normally and being very self-conscious when in company, now I feel much more relaxed, able to smile, laugh and forget that I am wearing dentures.

Your approach at Minuk was and is extremely friendly and completely professional, I certainly appreciate what you have done for me

Yours Truly,

Malcolm G.
January 8, 2002

Mavoureen C.

In 1979 I had to renew my dentures, as the front tooth fell off when I was trying to eat corn on the cob. I laugh about it now, but at the time I was really upset, as this was the second set of dentures that I had had. I went to a denturist to see if he could fix them, but he said they were old and it would probably fall out again after the first few times I tried biting down on them.

He started telling me about Swissident teeth, as they were called then. He said they were made in Switzerland and were porcelain. I told him how the other two sets of dentures looked false and how I could not eat certain foods with them, and that the bottom would move when I was eating and food would get under the bottom plate. Sometimes, I could not maneuver them back into place because of the food. I would have to excuse myself and rinse them in the washroom and then replace them. This would happen several times through a dinner, it was very embarrassing. Along with that, there were certain foods I could not eat and to me, no matter how much I paid for meat, it was always difficult to chew.

He said he could eliminate all my problems with the Swissident teeth. To my surprise and delight, he did. The teeth were a perfect fit. They did not look false, and I was complimented often on my smile. In addition, because of the way the back teeth were made – flat on the top and sharp like a knife on the bottom – for the first time in years, I could eat anything I wanted, including corn on the cob. I was, to say the least, ecstatic. They were really everything you could want in a denture. I had no trouble chewing or food getting under my teeth. They fit like a glove. I have kept those dentures for twenty-one years, because they were so wonderful.

Now I have to change them again, only because they have worn down and my gums have shrunk. Over the past years, I have made calls to several denturists to see if they have heard of Swissident teeth. I was told, they have never heard of them. We moved to Winnipeg and I called the Minuk Denture Clinic. They said they had heard of them and they could get them for me if that as what I wanted. However, they were now called Geneva 2000.

So I made an appointment to see if these teeth were the same as what I had. And to my delight, they were. I was so thrilled, as I have waited so long to change my dentures. The teeth are beautiful and the back teeth are made flat on top and like a knife on the bottom. I am so glad that I called the Minuk Denture Clinic. I look good. I feel good. And I am thrilled to be able to smile again and not feel self-conscious. Also I can eat anything I want. My sincerest thanks to everyone at the Minuk Denture Clinic, for their time, patience and friendly attitude. I would recommend you highly to anyone, and I would also recommend Geneva 2000. You don’t know the best until you have it. Take my word for it you will never go back to regular dentures.

Thanks, again, to everyone.


Mavoureen C.
February 3, 2002